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When we look at a mirror, our image shows the picture of our face, shoulders, hair, perhaps of our body and clothes.

This is not us, it is our mirror image. We know that, but still we check a lot more in this picture. We notice our eyes and lips, if they are smiling, relaxed, self confident, or are showing the whole struggles of our life, the sleepless nights, the worries and sorrows.

Still. This is not us. We have believes, convictions, moral values, goals and ideals. We have a soul and a spiritual way behind and in front of us. We have personality. We are social beings.

Any change in one aspect of our life, does affect all others. Health problems can manifest primarily in one area, like the body, causing us headhakes, running stomach, or tooth pain, but still... our mood, our self confidence, our social relationships, our connection with the Higher Self or God, are affected as well.

Perhaps we didn't notice or we didn't bother that much. Mostly we define the cause of all our trouble on one area, and take the consequences on the others for granted.

Holistic Health Care
involves the person in a process of exploration of all parts of her/his life, in order to re-estabilish the lost balance in the body, in the soul and in the psyche and intervenes according to the actual status of health of the person at all levels.

is considered a condition in which the person is free from constraints to reach her/his personal maximum development of all abilities and potentials.