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Self Defence
for girls, age 10 - 21
for women, older than 21

Basics of Self Defence for women. Here you will learn to develop and trust your intuition, know and respect your limits, search for support and react as strong as possible to eventual abuse. Remember always that only a violent person has the power to prevent crime, all a victim can do is defence and avoidance. Each course will run for 2 months. We will examine domestic violence and rape according to the Namibian law deeper with the women's group, but the basic definitions of rape and domestic violence will be a concern of the girls group as well.

Expressive Dance
age 12 - 21

Yes, we know that you are already a dancing master, but here it is not about steps and moves from popstars and famous dancers, here it is you and your body alone. You will have to express your feelings through movements and interaction with the other dancers of the group. You will have to dance stories on hiv/aids and violence. This is a great challenge and we are sure you will make great even if you never considered yourself a master. 'Dance yourself out!' is our motto for this course and a group will last one year long.

Mime and Drama
age 12- 21

Now it is the turn of actors and mimes. Never felt the need to shout, cry or laugh about everything which is happening in your environment? Ever told a story using only your body language? This is a good occasion to share with others your opinion and send a message to your community. But before you will go public with your drama group, you will have to learn more about yourself and your colleagues. It is again all about violence and hiv, but new issues can be brought up from the group members. From you perhaps? Each group will last one year long and can continue if the members decide to procede with the course.